Get a hang of it!

People think of life in different ways. Some say its a race, others see it as a game. In some weird scenarios, people mistake life for a competition. The question here is “What do you think of life?” yes you! 

Well, if you ask, I would say life is an adventure! I know you are well aware of what an adventure is but just so we are clear, an adventure is a happening involving lots of dangers and risks. That’s what my Merriam Webster dictionary tells me, you could check yours for a better understanding, either way, the point is, Life is an Adventure!

This project is inspired by my twenty-three years of life experiences and I’m positive you are guessing what I might have learned within just twenty-three years of life that is worth sharing. This is where I inform you that I’m not here to be an expert but I’m here to share common experiences we have and to encourage you so that we can all get through the shady adventures of life!

Missing even a post would be very unlucky so I really hope you stay tuned, comment and share such posts as we unravel the mysterious adventures of LIFE!

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