You think of that situation where you have a pimple on your face and it swells and throbs so painful that you think it is going to explode? That’s you right there. Bottling up emotions, confusions, frustrations and pain results in a darker form of anxiety you might never escape from that is why it is important to tell your story.
What is your story? Whatever it may be you should tell it, as it is. It might interest you to know that somebody wants to hear it and they are ready to be everything you want them to be for you. You might have your reasons for being discrete about your struggles because of past experiences of betrayal, mistrust and negation but there are billions of people and resources around besides the people who forsook you.
A 13 years old girl was raped, which resulted in a delicate reproductive issue. She never had the courage to speak up and because she had neglected parents and the prey she fell victim to was family so she felt the worst kind of betrayal. She unconsciously assumed a gloomy and caged life and she eventually died one day throwing herself over a bridge. An autopsy report showed that she had been through traumatizing experiences like rape and she had died with a delicate reproductive issue.
In our part of the world where parents are not friends and friendships have resorted to a competition, finding your safe space and a confidant whoever or whatever they may be would be a smart move.
Tell us your story by sending it to the provided contact and join a society that wants to hear your story and be there for you!

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