You sheepishly getting involved with some random dude and ending up pregnant accidentally doesn’t make it the end of the world. Or you slipping off into your bad addictions like alcoholism doesn’t make you a failure. The most important thing is picking yourself up after making a mistake and purposing to do the right thing. Everybody makes mistakes! Everyone surrounding you including the people who judge you make mistakes. Your mentor makes mistakes, same as your Pastor. The beauty of it all is that they redeem themselves after those mistakes made so that they are able to get back on track in time.

Unfortunately, some mistakes are accompanied by heavy prices to pay and sometimes this becomes a hard blow to dodge, however, this is where you get to learn from those mistakes. Frank got his driver’s licence for the first time and his mom warned him never to drink and drive or over speed. In a quest to please his girlfriend he offered her a ride home after a party and as part of a show-off, he over sped on the road. A truck from nowhere crashed into the car and the girl lost her legs after the accident. Frank had to live with the guilt of being responsible for the girl’s disability forever.

On the bright side, he had learnt the hard way to desist from over speeding. People, the point is you don’t have to stay at that low point in your life forever! Getting out of your depression after making a mistake is the first step to redemption so make a decision today because the decisions you fail to make are eventually made for you! And sometimes the “made for you” decision may inconvenience you for the rest of your lives. Remember to avoid mistakes, however, if you make them, know that everyone makes mistakes!

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