Mediocrity Can’t Stay Where Greatness Is.

Dear Self,

Many times I have doubted you, your strength and your ability to withstand all the pressure around you. Sometimes, I wonder while you’re still here. It is astonishing how you manage to navigate through the hard times. I can see that giving up is not an option for you.

Sometimes, It marvels me how the pain, confusion, frustration and rejection does not kill you. At other times, I’m just blown at the number of times you’re able to overcome. If I could give you another name, I would call you a rock.

I wouldn’t be with any other person but you. You are destined to survive and you do it effortlessly. While others give up to depression and suicide. You chase smiles and embrace your fears. You’re passionate about your survival.

Even on your worst days and greatest pain. You create a cloud of love around you. You shield the people you love from the fire than consumes you from the inside. You impress me with your might and will. Time and time again you make me realize, that mediocrity can’t stay where greatness is!

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