Roots of Pain

Sometimes you feel like you’re drowning in front of everyone but no one sees it. You feel despondent, depressed and crushed and your only dream is that you never wake up from your sleep the next morning. I know pain and it does not feel good. Pain swallows your power and will to survive in life sometimes. The hard truth is, you can never get past the pain that consumes you without dealing with its roots first.

Suffering abuse while young makes you feel broken for life. It leaves a mark that cannot be erased. The good thing is, you get to turn that brokenness into some sort of power. This power will help you to protect yourself from breaking others. There are many kinds of abuse. Enlightening you on some of the kinds of abuse will help you deal with your issues.

10 Types of Abuse

Physical Abuse

Domestic violence

Sexual abuse

Psychological abuse

Financial or material abuse

Morden slavery

Discriminatory abuse

Organizational abuse


Self Neglect

What You Should Know

Research shows that a wide percentage of people all over the world suffer most of these types of abuse. They go through a series of events and happenings that affect them in many ways. Unfortunately, most people are not able to identify the root of their pain so they cannot address them. According to therapists, the best way to deal with a problem is to deal with the root cause of the problem.

My Story

My story of abuse surrounds psychological abuse, discriminatory abuse and neglect. Growing up I had people around me instilling so much fear in me due to constant domestic violence at the external family home from which I grew. I remember being locked in a room one for a while young. My screams and cry meant nothing. That feeling of helplessness alone is derailing enough to kill your soul. I had people shaming me because of the colour of my skin. For some reason, I was dark while young. It felt like nothing but my therapist tells me it broke something in me.

Neglect is my worst pain. Not being seen as enough for someone makes you feel like nothing. Because of my experience of neglect, I lived most of my life seeking validation from people. I had the impression that I was not worthy of a lot of things. I could not accept love from other people because I felt I was not worthy of it. I kept ending relationships because of this vulnerability and maybe some exes will read this and understand why besides their shitty attitudes.

Giving Yourself A Chance

Point is, I had a great turn in my life recently and I am proud of myself because I feel so much better now. This turn began as I was confronted with health issues. I realised that all I had was myself at the end of the day and I had to be there for myself. My state of mind and psychological health immensely improved when I adopted a lot of “me” times. My therapist once told me that it seemed I gave out so much love and received very little in return which was true. I decided to be selfish enough to love myself and to appreciate my existence more.

Stay Free

Riding yourself from the pain that is so deep into you is the hardest thing to do on earth, however, when you become free, it is extremely rewarding. My strength as a person comes from all my painful experiences and I hope this piece helps people to make bold decisions to be there for themselves and turn their painful experiences into their strength.

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