April Fools Day – Pain Triggers

In our quest to excite ourselves we find ourselves hurting other people unconsciously. We break souls and bruise wounds out of mere jokes. And for what? To satisfy our little victories of seeing others feel bad, disgraced, ashamed or astonished.

In as much as I love April Fools day, I believe that just like any other day, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. These responsibilities are clearly not defined and I would like to help us all understand the responsibilities that accompany the April Fools day celebration.

The origin of April Fools day remains a mystery to many historians even though it has been celebrated for centuries. One would even say that the lack of origin contributes to some of the inappropriate ways of expressing or celebrating the day.

Taking into consideration how a person will react to your joke about issues of death, marriage, pregnancy, finances among many others is very important when pulling a joke on someone on April Fools day.

A young man decided to pull a break up a joke on his girlfriend on April Fools Day. He called her in the middle of the day and said to her that he couldn’t continue with their relationship any longer. The young lady unaware that it was a joke drove her car into a lake and drowned. How fun is this? The young man could never forgive himself for this! Funny enough, there are many other similar scenarios all over the world!

The reality is that, while April Fools Day is fun, it is accompanied by many implications that we avoid discussing. Some of these implications include;

Health implications

Psychological implications




So, while we are at it. Devising ways to improve April Fools day celebrations is primitive. Having an April Fools day different from the chaotic ones we have been having for centuries will be a great positive change for our current dispensation. Turning it into a day that will send love, hugs, joy and excitement towards people’s ways will help make the world a much better place.

Making April Fools day into a day devoid of drama can only happen if we all are more sensitive to other people’s feelings by perceiving the right things to say and do around them. It is never a bad thing to make a person laugh, cry or freak out during April Fools Day. However, is it worth the pain that people have to endure sometimes just so we are satisfied with ourselves? Have a wise April Fools Day! And “Welcome to the BEST month on the world’s calendar!” If you’ve got any reservations about my previous statement, in a funny voice, “kindly argue with yourself, thank you.”

12 Replies to “April Fools Day – Pain Triggers”

  1. Indeed, something meant for fun it later brings pain and anger to others
    April fool things it is very serious
    Some go extremely🤦🏾‍♀️too bad

    Liked by 1 person

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