Alive On Purpose – Suicide Awareness

Suicide is never a cry for attention, instead, it is a cry for help. That sounds weird, I know but if there is anything I have learned in life, it is that you will always have a choice. There are instances when you cannot find the courage to choose from the lot but the truth is, life will always present you with a choice. The responsibility you would have as a fellow is to make choices that will be beneficial to your existence.

The darkest place a person can find themself is in the moment when they have to choose between life and death. At that moment, you contemplate on so many things but the power of emptiness and hopelessness feels so grounded in your thoughts that if you do not find anything, just one thing to hold onto. You might slip away in despair.

Suicidal Thoughts

Thinking of suicide gives people the impression that they are taking control over the things that they cannot live with anymore which is indeed a myth. Many of us have had our shares of suicidal thoughts and I must say, it is not the prettiest days anyone can have. When you have those thoughts it is almost like your mind becomes clouded with darkness and the only thing you can reminisce on is all the painful stuff you have been through. When you get these thoughts, you are almost convinced that the world will be a better place without you and many other people feel this way consistently.

I can assure you that while contemplating taking away a life that you didn’t bestow unto yourself and living it, there are always flashes of the good life you could live if you could hold on for just a bit longer. Breaking free from the grips of pain that takes you so far as to consider death is not a joke. However, taking one step back allows you to be extremely sure of yourself before acting.

Why Do People Have Suicidal Thoughts?

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social Isolation
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Border Personality Disorder
  • Substance Use and Impulsivity
  • Loss
  • Fear
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Feeling like a burden
  • Guilt

Real Life Situation

Interesting you in a real-life situation will help you understand the depth of this discussion. Before we do that think of a time where you just couldn’t go on with your life and wanted out. Yea, think of that moment. The reality is that there is always some sort of trigger that sets you into that kind of mood and “Chale”, you need to shut those triggers out. Moving forward, you might want to pour yourself a drink as things are about to get pretty intense.

While I have tonnes of compelling suicide stories to tell I would rather not bore you with any. Take a pause, sip more on that drink you poured earlier and recollect the current stories you have heard about people taking their own lives. I mean, these are real people who have died just like that because they were not okay with how their lives were unraveling. Think again of the moments in your own life when you felt that way. It is important to go back to those thoughts if you truly wish to eliminate them permanently.

Normalizing the Conversation

Just like any other conversation, I think there should be bold reminders everywhere to create awareness of suicide and suicidal thoughts. Before a person takes their own life they think and think again about what they are yet to do. Imagine they find themselves in supportive conversations about suicide while they are still planning their death. Wouldn’t they move on from those plans because they have reason to stay alive?

It is unfortunate that in our part of the world, these things are seldom discussed. Parents never talk about suicidal situations with their children just like they avoid having sexual conversations with them. Including suicide awareness creation to our generation’s agenda will be one of the best interventions we have ever had. While I have never lost any friend to suicide, I have heard a few people utter words like “I will kill myself” due to pressures of life and frustrations from parents especially. On that note, African parents must really pay attention to affording their children the peace they need to survive this already painful life.

Reaching Out

If you are in a situation where helplessness embraces you, I would like you to know that there is plenty of hope around you. You just need to find it. Before I say anything else, I would like you to know that YOU ARE LOVED! Tell yourself that every morning and before you go to bed. Your redemption from suicide really begins when you start talking to someone. I mean talk to anyone. Hell, you could even talk to dear SIRI on your phone just please talk to someone. Remaining in your thoughts will only get you to the exact place you would rather not be and while you share your suicidal thoughts, do it proudly because it takes only brave people to share that kind of information.

Wanting Out?

Have you ever caught a glimpse of the sunrise? Is it not utterly beautiful? Well, dear, you are like that beautiful sunrise. Waking up every day means so much to so many people even though you might not realize it. Even though recovery does not happen in a day it is important that while you recover from suicidal thoughts, you open up to socialize more. Bury yourself in a sporting activity, join a book club, start a swimming class or simply start a blog like me and share every single experience you have had in your life just to make the world a better place for another person. While you recover, I would need you to do everything you have ever wanted to do in life except, do not die because you, my dear are a SURVIVOR. Stay alive on purpose!

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