The Weight of The World On My Body

Social media has got women of our time and age underappreciating themselves and their bodies. A standard has been created in the sense that the average woman feels their body is not enough anymore and that more has to be done to it to fit our current societal dispensation. It saddens my heart to see the younger generation save in piggy banks for medical procedures set to “correct” their bodies and I am tempted to ask, when did God become a bad sculpture?

The Beginning Of It All

Growing up, I remember seeing a world of proud women and a society in which any kind of body was perfectly acceptable. Women who had all kinds of body structures could wear anything and still feel good about themselves. In our part of the world, it all began when westernization and social media happened to us. Women with what we call the “perfect body” were seen on camera and we craved their look. In those moments, our perceptions changed and all we wanted was to have perfect bodies too. I mean, most women wanted to look like the “Kardashians”.

The Average Female Body

Here in Africa, women are fortunate to be endowed. In days past, African women were tagged as women with the “coca cola” look. This means, the average African woman had a more curvy but natural body type even when they were slim and at the time it meant something. African women begun feeling uncomfortable about their round bellies, back folds, flappy arms, clamping tights and others because of the perfect body perception. The truth is, the body of an African women will always be perfection!

Your Confidence Matters

As we shed light on this topic, I believe I owe you all amazing women out there the responsibility of showing you that it is okay if you need to have to do extra bodywork to make you achieve the kind of confidence you need. I have seen women who have a couple of children and their bodies never recovered. Some fall into depression and others lose their confidence entirely. Getting your body together in a way that will make you as confident and sexy as hell is never the wrong thing to do and I would say that all that matters is that you make sure whatever you do is safe and healthy for your body.

Erasing The Male Influence

Before you seek a perfect body, you should ask yourself many questions with the first one being, why am I looking for this kind of body? Well, if you are doing it because of the male influence then, I can confidently say that you are doing it for the very wrong reasons. If I am right, men naturally buy what you sell, your job as a woman is to work on the packaging and delivery. Changing your body not for self-confidence but the male gaze or attention brings an even bigger problem of low self-confidence and many women who did not know better are dealing with the pain.

Achieving The Perfect Look

  • Exercise
  • Dieting
  • Body supplement
  • Body therapies
  • Body contouring
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Body shapers

Appreciating Your Body

The first step you can take in appreciating your body is validating yourself in your mind that your body is perfect. Wake up every day and accept the fact that this is how God has made you and you are unique and important. Doing this alone brings so much positivity and confidence to you and it is in this kind of positivity that you can thrive! Make up your mind that your body is essentially your pride and allow that pride to lead you to feel good about yourself each day.

Shame To The Body “Shamers”

Body shaming is just like any kind of abuse. Making a person feel like they are unacceptable kills the soul that lives within them. According to study, many women have committed suicide and attempted diverse physical neglect due to the influence of body shaming. People have to put a hard stop to body shaming others. I mean, if you do not like how someone looks, keep it to yourself! Making the person feel even worse than they already feel about themselves does not change anything.

Lifting The Weight

The weight of the world on the shoulders of women who are termed not to have the perfect body is heavy. Now, we are letting that weight down gently and never picking it up again. While you go shopping for new clothes you might want to add a couple of bikinis, some sleeveless tops, some tights, and a couple of body con-dresses because you love, you’re are going to flaunt everything you have and be yourself. As I part ways, I announce to you with great passion that you have the perfect body until you decide you do not!

16 Replies to “The Weight of The World On My Body”

  1. This piece is very beautiful! It’s about time women love their bodies and stop the surgeries and all.. good work girl!


  2. Who says being slim is the perfect body?Any kind of body irrespective of its size or shape is PERFECT!..Be confident in your body☺️


  3. Be content with the body you have and keep it in better shape which suits only you…thanx gf for this beautiful insight😘


  4. There is nothing wrong with being who you are and loving yourself just the way you are. Women need self actualization and confidence in themselves.


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