Happy Holidays – Resolving Resolutions

There are many things to be thankful for and one of those things is seeing the end of a year. Like many of you, Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for me. Nothing takes away the joy and chills that the holidays bring. Meanwhile, most people have been through awful ordeals during the course of the year which will make it almost impossible for them to enjoy the coming season. Well, Santa’s little elf – Asiedua is here to make all your bad memories go away – hihi.

It is true that the beginning of a matter is important however, the end of it is even more necessary. As we end the year, what we have to keep in mind is that we can make changes in our lives even before a new dawn comes upon us. What a man puts his mind to, he achieves, for that reason, it is good that we finish the year working harder to achieve resolutions we previously made to satisfy our needs and desires.

Being hard on yourself for the mistakes you have made in the past or throughout the year inhibits your ability to move forward entirely. You survived a bad relationship, move on! they fired you at the job, begin a new search, you miscarried twice, book a new appointment with a specialist, your business ideas failed, well grab a pen a paper and light a candle cause you’re gonna think of a new idea. What exactly I’m trying to say here is, DO NOT GIVE UP YET!

People!, don’t you dare give up on yourselves. You cannot keep piling up unresolved resolutions. You need to make them happen and you need to start now. I know that finding the strength to go back to the things you worked so hard for but failed at is not easy but I can assure you that it is always worth the try. When I wake up in the morning and I feel the morning breeze, it always reminds me that new is coming, better is arriving. If you have closed a chapter you have begun without finishing it, you have to revisit it and work hard to finish it now.

If you try hard to gather your thoughts and reorganize your agenda before the year truly ends, you will have even more things to be grateful for and the holidays will be much better for you. Life can be crazy and hideous but it is in times like the Christmas holidays that we see the beauty of life. If I were you, I would allow myself to assimilate enough of life’s beauty during the holidays. Holding onto things of the past, like pain, anger, frustration, unforgiveness, confusion, and others will only rob you of the joy of Christmas and the holidays.

Before I continue, can I just apologize for not bringing you motivation and inspiration in a while? My own inspiration for writing mostly comes from pain and I’ve not dealt with pain in a while thankfully lol. While we maneuver the holidays, we must do well to allow ourselves to stay happy and jolly. The true spirit of Christmas is found in happiness.

As the bells jingle and the halls decked with boughs of holly, you have to take in all the love you can get and recharge for the new year. It would also be a good time to dream about the things you would want to birth in the new year. I for one believe the coming year is going to be so good to us and from what I know, whatever a person believes in works from them. Do not forget to spread the joy you feel with your friends and family.

As I part ways, I would urge you to try your best to stay on Santa’s good side because he is watching, literally. Hydrate more while the harmattan approaches, ask someone for their Christmas gift wish, and make it come true. Sow a seed of joy in someone’s heart, you would be doing God’s work. Happy Holidays.

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Losing Hope Is The Beginning Of Death

If you have given up on everything including yourself, I’d like to remind you that you cannot stop living while you’re still alive! For quite a while now, I have struggled to write anything at all. This is because my life has been a roller coaster of emotions recently. For some of us, life is an endless test, and I honestly feel like I have already died many times before my time. Have you ever believed in something so much that you wake up every night praying for it to work and you do everything right to get it but end up being utterly disappointed before? Well, most of us have experienced this multiple times and that feeling breaks something in us and it robs us of our ability to hope again.

I live in numb days, days where I don’t want to feel anything or expect anything. I have adopted a new mindset, to live in the present expecting nothing and hoping for nothing. After all, what is the point of investing so much faith into something that is most likely to fail? The heartbreak is not worth my endurance.

While hope is a beautiful thing, many of us today have given up on it because we are literally bleeding from disappointment and failure. We do not wish to believe in anything again because we are afraid to be disappointed. I’m certain that 6 out of 10 readers of this blog can relate, however, can we all try one last time to hope again?

I have had limited experience with feelings of pleasure but what I know is that the sensation of hope offers unimaginable pleasure. The fact that you believe so much in that job, that relationship, that person or circumstance and you see it all working before it actually even happens can be thrilling. But some people have felt the pain of being disappointed so many times that they can literally feel it physically which makes them unable to hope again. One thing we must know is that hope keeps us alive and losing it is the beginning of our death.

Finding your way back to new hope is the most difficult thing to do. People have worked so hard on relationships that have failed, people have applied for a job so many times and they are still unemployed, some people battle with chronic illnesses that are eating them alive, and many of these people live in despair because they have lost their hope and cannot find their way back to it.

My business with you that day is to encourage you to hope one last time. Try a new relationship, apply for a new job, start a new business, run some new tests on your health situation, and believe that something will work for you this time and it will. If you have trouble coming out of your pain to hope again, just be reminded, that diamonds don’t shine until they’re buried alive. Don’t die while you’re still alive by losing your hope!

While you keep your hope alive and live your life as happy as you should, be reminded that depression and suicidal thoughts have no power over you. Allow your new hope to guide your new visions. Let your dreams live on through you and fix yourself by fixing your attitude towards the new beginning in your life. Cheers to new hope and a fresh start because it is always okay to start all over again regardless of how far you had gotten to.

The Mothers Who Became Fathers

In a world of men, it takes strong women to do what men do. Raising a child without a father makes you both a mother and a father. Arguing from this perspective of such a sensitive issue seems fair to me because a large percentage of women all around the world are burdened with the responsibility of being mothers and fathers at the same it.

I have always believed that the ability to easily multitask is no less than a gift from God himself. Yet, multitasking as a mother and father is a hard role to play in life. However this begins should never be the focus because life is full of crazy patterns but I believe we as a younger generation must encourage women who do it all alone and by themselves.

Today, women are using medical interventions to conceive their offsprings with the vision of raising their children alone. Even though this is a brave thing to do in my books. I believe the weight of living a life without a father is too heavy to carry. Fathers are important and every child must experience them.

It is very unfortunate that some men neglect the role of becoming fathers, yet, this mess births strong, phenomenal women who are forced to turn the world upside down to see their children succeed. Mothers who have to play fathers in this lousy world deserve to be honored on days like this. These mothers have to pay for accommodating their kids, hospital bills, their education and everything there is to do for a child.

Single mothers do not have many choices in life. They have to be there for their children whether there is support or not. What is more heartbreaking is the stereotypes they have to put with in society. However, they do it all without complaining and sometimes they even shield their kids from their pain. Many single mothers have to pay for college tuition and they just make it happen!

Two out of five people who read this blog today will identify with the situation of not having their fathers in the picture. Whether they lost them to death, separation of parents, or whatsoever means, their mothers have had to become strong pillars and rise to the patriarchal standards to secure a place for their children in this world. Some of these mothers work up to about three jobs in a day just to make ends meet. Some also have to raise their kids alone while pursuing their dreams which is almost impossible.

Fathers are amazing, well my Daddy is amazing. And I believe that mothers who have become fathers are even more amazing. Giving mothers who raise their children alone due honor is something we should normalize and never take for granted. Every woman who has lived as both a mother and father to their child is special.

As we celebrate fathers today, we celebrate the mothers who have become fathers too and I hope every woman struggling to play both roles knows and understands that they are the real geniuses around here. If your mother has become a father too. Let them know that you see them and let them feel celebrated. Happy Father’s Day to the mother who has become a father as well!

“Sometimes I get so tired I just want to walk away and keep walking but I just can’t.”

Single Mom

The Weight of The World On My Body

Social media has got women of our time and age underappreciating themselves and their bodies. A standard has been created in the sense that the average woman feels their body is not enough anymore and that more has to be done to it to fit our current societal dispensation. It saddens my heart to see the younger generation save in piggy banks for medical procedures set to “correct” their bodies and I am tempted to ask, when did God become a bad sculpture?

The Beginning Of It All

Growing up, I remember seeing a world of proud women and a society in which any kind of body was perfectly acceptable. Women who had all kinds of body structures could wear anything and still feel good about themselves. In our part of the world, it all began when westernization and social media happened to us. Women with what we call the “perfect body” were seen on camera and we craved their look. In those moments, our perceptions changed and all we wanted was to have perfect bodies too. I mean, most women wanted to look like the “Kardashians”.

The Average Female Body

Here in Africa, women are fortunate to be endowed. In days past, African women were tagged as women with the “coca cola” look. This means, the average African woman had a more curvy but natural body type even when they were slim and at the time it meant something. African women begun feeling uncomfortable about their round bellies, back folds, flappy arms, clamping tights and others because of the perfect body perception. The truth is, the body of an African women will always be perfection!

Your Confidence Matters

As we shed light on this topic, I believe I owe you all amazing women out there the responsibility of showing you that it is okay if you need to have to do extra bodywork to make you achieve the kind of confidence you need. I have seen women who have a couple of children and their bodies never recovered. Some fall into depression and others lose their confidence entirely. Getting your body together in a way that will make you as confident and sexy as hell is never the wrong thing to do and I would say that all that matters is that you make sure whatever you do is safe and healthy for your body.

Erasing The Male Influence

Before you seek a perfect body, you should ask yourself many questions with the first one being, why am I looking for this kind of body? Well, if you are doing it because of the male influence then, I can confidently say that you are doing it for the very wrong reasons. If I am right, men naturally buy what you sell, your job as a woman is to work on the packaging and delivery. Changing your body not for self-confidence but the male gaze or attention brings an even bigger problem of low self-confidence and many women who did not know better are dealing with the pain.

Achieving The Perfect Look

  • Exercise
  • Dieting
  • Body supplement
  • Body therapies
  • Body contouring
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Body shapers

Appreciating Your Body

The first step you can take in appreciating your body is validating yourself in your mind that your body is perfect. Wake up every day and accept the fact that this is how God has made you and you are unique and important. Doing this alone brings so much positivity and confidence to you and it is in this kind of positivity that you can thrive! Make up your mind that your body is essentially your pride and allow that pride to lead you to feel good about yourself each day.

Shame To The Body “Shamers”

Body shaming is just like any kind of abuse. Making a person feel like they are unacceptable kills the soul that lives within them. According to study, many women have committed suicide and attempted diverse physical neglect due to the influence of body shaming. People have to put a hard stop to body shaming others. I mean, if you do not like how someone looks, keep it to yourself! Making the person feel even worse than they already feel about themselves does not change anything.

Lifting The Weight

The weight of the world on the shoulders of women who are termed not to have the perfect body is heavy. Now, we are letting that weight down gently and never picking it up again. While you go shopping for new clothes you might want to add a couple of bikinis, some sleeveless tops, some tights, and a couple of body con-dresses because you love, you’re are going to flaunt everything you have and be yourself. As I part ways, I announce to you with great passion that you have the perfect body until you decide you do not!

Alive On Purpose – Suicide Awareness

Suicide is never a cry for attention, instead, it is a cry for help. That sounds weird, I know but if there is anything I have learned in life, it is that you will always have a choice. There are instances when you cannot find the courage to choose from the lot but the truth is, life will always present you with a choice. The responsibility you would have as a fellow is to make choices that will be beneficial to your existence.

The darkest place a person can find themself is in the moment when they have to choose between life and death. At that moment, you contemplate on so many things but the power of emptiness and hopelessness feels so grounded in your thoughts that if you do not find anything, just one thing to hold onto. You might slip away in despair.

Suicidal Thoughts

Thinking of suicide gives people the impression that they are taking control over the things that they cannot live with anymore which is indeed a myth. Many of us have had our shares of suicidal thoughts and I must say, it is not the prettiest days anyone can have. When you have those thoughts it is almost like your mind becomes clouded with darkness and the only thing you can reminisce on is all the painful stuff you have been through. When you get these thoughts, you are almost convinced that the world will be a better place without you and many other people feel this way consistently.

I can assure you that while contemplating taking away a life that you didn’t bestow unto yourself and living it, there are always flashes of the good life you could live if you could hold on for just a bit longer. Breaking free from the grips of pain that takes you so far as to consider death is not a joke. However, taking one step back allows you to be extremely sure of yourself before acting.

Why Do People Have Suicidal Thoughts?

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social Isolation
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Border Personality Disorder
  • Substance Use and Impulsivity
  • Loss
  • Fear
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Feeling like a burden
  • Guilt

Real Life Situation

Interesting you in a real-life situation will help you understand the depth of this discussion. Before we do that think of a time where you just couldn’t go on with your life and wanted out. Yea, think of that moment. The reality is that there is always some sort of trigger that sets you into that kind of mood and “Chale”, you need to shut those triggers out. Moving forward, you might want to pour yourself a drink as things are about to get pretty intense.

While I have tonnes of compelling suicide stories to tell I would rather not bore you with any. Take a pause, sip more on that drink you poured earlier and recollect the current stories you have heard about people taking their own lives. I mean, these are real people who have died just like that because they were not okay with how their lives were unraveling. Think again of the moments in your own life when you felt that way. It is important to go back to those thoughts if you truly wish to eliminate them permanently.

Normalizing the Conversation

Just like any other conversation, I think there should be bold reminders everywhere to create awareness of suicide and suicidal thoughts. Before a person takes their own life they think and think again about what they are yet to do. Imagine they find themselves in supportive conversations about suicide while they are still planning their death. Wouldn’t they move on from those plans because they have reason to stay alive?

It is unfortunate that in our part of the world, these things are seldom discussed. Parents never talk about suicidal situations with their children just like they avoid having sexual conversations with them. Including suicide awareness creation to our generation’s agenda will be one of the best interventions we have ever had. While I have never lost any friend to suicide, I have heard a few people utter words like “I will kill myself” due to pressures of life and frustrations from parents especially. On that note, African parents must really pay attention to affording their children the peace they need to survive this already painful life.

Reaching Out

If you are in a situation where helplessness embraces you, I would like you to know that there is plenty of hope around you. You just need to find it. Before I say anything else, I would like you to know that YOU ARE LOVED! Tell yourself that every morning and before you go to bed. Your redemption from suicide really begins when you start talking to someone. I mean talk to anyone. Hell, you could even talk to dear SIRI on your phone just please talk to someone. Remaining in your thoughts will only get you to the exact place you would rather not be and while you share your suicidal thoughts, do it proudly because it takes only brave people to share that kind of information.

Wanting Out?

Have you ever caught a glimpse of the sunrise? Is it not utterly beautiful? Well, dear, you are like that beautiful sunrise. Waking up every day means so much to so many people even though you might not realize it. Even though recovery does not happen in a day it is important that while you recover from suicidal thoughts, you open up to socialize more. Bury yourself in a sporting activity, join a book club, start a swimming class or simply start a blog like me and share every single experience you have had in your life just to make the world a better place for another person. While you recover, I would need you to do everything you have ever wanted to do in life except, do not die because you, my dear are a SURVIVOR. Stay alive on purpose!

Living Life and Not Surviving It

Half of our lives have been nothing but charades. I think deep, so deep, and I can’t help but understand how we are unfortunately surviving life instead of living it. I believe most of us live in the most vulnerable and depressing days of our lives. Research actually shows that people between the ages of 20 and 30 feel this way. The feeling of struggle with literally everything never leaves and I cannot help but ask, how can we fix ourselves? Have you ever woken up in the morning and you feel like, “I am a total failure”, “Nothing good can happen to me”, “What if the world would be a better place without me”? This is the kind of feeling I’m talking about. Most of the time, we have trouble being happy about anything. It was almost like we would be punished for feeling the slightest of joy.

News Flash

All of the feelings of brokenness and unworthiness were all in my head. I woke up every day finding ways of surviving life instead of living it. I am a realist, and even though many of you might find it quite hard to admit it, you wake up the everyday day of your life surviving instead of living the good beautiful life you have been offered. The thing that bothers me the most is how you may never have the opportunity to relive your experiences. For this reason, we are about to break that shitty cycle of pity bullshit and live our lives being happy and joyful always instead of surviving each day.

Finding Your Purpose

More than once I have asked myself this question. What am I really here for? I believe that finding your purpose as an individual is the most challenging task in life. In a world where many things seem displaced, how can anyone find their real purpose to make them productive? While I struggle to place my fingers on the reason why I get to live each day, I believe it would be wise to be practical about everything and find how to stop the cycle of life surviving by living my purpose.

Trusting Your Instincts

One thing I never dare to relinquish in my thoughts is the fact that the truth is always inside me. Not once or twice, we all have come to crossroads in life and it is in those moments that we find direction from the inside. Whatever you do, there is always that feeling inside you that tells you whether to keep on or not. I suggest that you trust that instinct. It is that part of you that can show you the real purpose of your life.

Listening To People

Whether we like it or not, we live in very interactive societies. Making it a point to listen to what people have got to say to you or about you helps you to pick up very helpful cues of your life’s purpose. Seeing yourself in other people’s eyes helps to shape your life entirely and it gives you the rare opportunity to find yourself. In these very teachable moments, you would be relieved of the burden of struggling to live your life.

The Right Company

If you are surviving life instead of living it, it has probably got everything to do with the kind of people you are surrounded by. Don’t get me wrong, you do not have to hate anybody. Only, you have to find people who will help you live a good life instead of surviving it. It is very unfortunate how sometimes, the company that causes you pain is family, however, it is definitely possible to break free from anything. Let’s get real. People who do not give you the necessary attention you need, support you with their resources, especially money, and give you a reason to be better in life have to be replaced. This is the only way you can find your purpose to live a good life instead of surviving it.

Exploring Your Interest

The best part of life is doing exactly what you want to do especially when it is ethically right. Being authentic with the things you want to do gives you the opportunity to harness a certain type of power that is rare to come by. Learn how to go forward with your interests. Explore potential resources and give yourself a chance to find what you love to do. As people live in the shadows of their real dreams and aspirations. It would be naturally priceless to be able to enjoy what you truly want to do in other to upgrade from surviving to a more comfortable living situation.

Using The Compass

Now that we have established how we can live life instead of surviving it. We obviously have loads of work to do. We cannot be the same people anymore which literally means that we have no excuse to wake up every day feeling the way to used to feel. As I part ways with you ta day. I wish to let out to you something to fail to comprehend about your own self -“You Do Matter!”

Wine and Man, A Perfect Pair

The quality of life can be measured by many things, I sometimes measure the quality of life by a cold glass of good wine. In my opinion, life is really hard and the world is mostly a sad place. For this reason, cherishing the very little things that soothe our painful experiences is imperative.

For decades, the best of wine has been known to be made in France, but in my view, wine made in Bordeaux embodies perfection. As tradition meets modernity, winemakers in Bordeaux, France have adopted spectacular techniques that they use in making the finest wines the world has ever known.

Choosing A Wine

How do you choose your wine? Or when you are choosing a wine, how do you go about it? What goes on in your mind during the process? From dry white wine to red wine, each bottle offers you a heavenly experience and that is the reason why it is important to select a bottle of wine carefully. Choosing a wine is like choosing a date from a dating site. Bordeaux presents a variety of wines that you can luxuriously choose from.


The Bordeaux vintage wines offer exceptional taste and quality. For instance, each bottle of ‘De Lux’- Bordeaux (dry white) -2019 is made up of a combination of tested ingredients. It offers a zesty, lively comforting taste. This particular bottle has an attractive floral, citrus crisp with a dry finish to it. It is infused with the aromas of peaches, white flower, and lemon and a glass of such wine make all days better.

Vintage Wine Catalogue


  • Château Le Bédat – 2018
  • Château Peuy Saincrit – 2016
  • Tesco Finest Modéc – 2018


  • Château Puyanché – 2016
  • Tesco Bordeaux Blanc – 2018
  • Dourthe “Terroirs d’Exception” Roqueblanche – 2019
  • Château Perron – 2019
  • Mouton Cadet Blanc- 2019

“To take wine into our mouths is to savor a droplet of the river of human history”.


  • Red
  • Rosé
  • Dry white
  • Sparkling
  • Sweet white

Red Varieties

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Petit Verdot
  • Malbec
  • Cabernet France


  • Violet
  • Blackcurrant
  • Strawberry
  • White flower
  • Lemon
  • Peaches
  • Citrus
  • Hazelnut
  • Red currant
  • Raspberry

Tasting Profiles

  • Supple and Fruity
  • Powerful and intense
  • Fresh and Full
  • Sparkling and Fruity
  • Crisp and Fruity
  • Luscious and Intense
  • Mellow and Fruity

Most of these wines can last for about 5 years and more. If served under the perfect temperature, the quality of it is never displaced.

Source: Bordeaux.com

Youthful Fertility Awareness

When was the last time you went for a routine checkup to see if you’re healthy reproductively? Most people wish to have families of their own when they are ready, unfortunately, not all of these people can. For decades, we have lived under the illusion that it is easy to start a family, however, it is not easy to start a family these days. Besides the financial and physical constraints, the natural order of the human system has been altered in very negative ways and for that reason, it is quite difficult for such things as starting a family to happen naturally.

As young people, we have responsibilities to care for ourselves for the benefit of our future however, we, unfortunately, contribute fairly to our inability to start families when we are ready. The issue with this kind of situation is, we hardly admit to being our demons. One of the most important things that should motivate you as a person is that hypothetically, you do not own your life. Your future depends on everything you do today and you must stay conscious of your actions.

Fertility Defined

Fertility is the ability to conceive within six months to a year of being sexually active and Infertility is the direct opposite. Research shows that many young couples within the ages of 20-30 have difficulty starting families due to underlining issues of which some cannot simply be explained. While some young women suffer from several reproductive health issues, the young men swim in a wide range of health irregularities.

The fact that you are sexually active doesn’t guarantee that you are likely to be fertile. Some females ignorantly take tons of birth control medications that add to their already existing reproductive health issues or create very new ones for them. The funny thing is, they might not even be aware of the existence of health issues they might be having till the opportunity presents itself for them to start a family. According to studies, birth control medications have millions of adverse side effects on the female reproductive system of which most people turn a blind eye to. Others venture paths of the termination of fetuses which is popularly known as abortion. This is mostly accompanied by serious complications if not done professionally.

Taking Charge of The Situation

There are many things you can do as a young person to ensure that you do not miss your chance of starting a family in the future. As a young woman or man, it is medically wise to do routine checkups where scans and tests will be run to ensure that your body is ready for the kind of future you wish for. During these checkups, doctors recommend a lot of medications if necessary to help you take control of your situation or simply keep your body in a perfect state.

Some of the interventions a doctor may refer a young female patient who is threatened by a reproductive health issue to during a routine checkup includes hormonal therapy, egg freezing, education on In Vitro Fertilization, Surrogacy, Adoption among other interventions. All of these measures prepares you for the kind of future you wish for and offers you the opportunity to take control of your life. Male patients are also offered tons of interventions including sperm freezing for future use.

It is a real shame that in our side of the world, topics of this sort and passionately ignored. Nobody tells us anything until it hits us hard on the face. Today in this country, young couples are handling issues of miscarriages, low sperm count, fibroids, cysts, PCOS, Endometriosis, unexplained infertility among others in silence and with no support because there is literally no support system. Women suffer in silence because they find it shameful sharing their infertility stories when truly, there’s nothing shameful about it.

Creating fertility awareness among the youth is both important and exciting for me because we live in a day and age where infertility does not exist anymore per se. This is because medical innovations have made almost everything possible even though they might be pricey. Taking a moment to think about how you are preparing yourself is important. Living right and taking care of your body is the way to go if you want to take charge of your future. Investing in healthy components like body supplements that will be instrumental to your body will be a wise step to take today. It is my pleasure to introduce you to some of these supplements. Stay healthy and safe for your future!


I look around every day and I see a needy world. People exhibit so much neediness and sometimes it becomes uncontrollable. We find ourselves getting too attached or too detached from the things we love the most. We deflect onto others certain characteristics that sometimes place them in awe of what actually might be going on with us. The truth is, many of us find ourselves depressed yet we do not even know we are. In our part of the world, depression is seldom discussed. However, it is one of the most persistent ailments confronting the younger generation.

Whatever pain we think we feel, we walk amongst people who feel greater pain. Whenever I’m depressed, I feel like something has been taken away from me and I feel like I’m doing some sort of endless search for something that I most likely will not find. Dealing with depression is hard. It is like being tormented by your greatest fear. For me, it makes me shut down my feelings and it almost feels like I do not feel anything but emptiness. I’m sharing my experience so that you can have a picture of when you were depressed and properly define it for a remedy.

Characteristics That Show Depression

The Hermit

Like me, a hermit is a person who finds their home or place of residence as their safe haven when they are depressed. When they leave their home, they feel extremely out of place and they try to do everything in their power to return to their safe place. Being around people suddenly becomes exhausting for them.

Social Media Hookers

Some people drown themselves in social media when they are depressed. They most likely never log off at all. They just bury themselves in online shows, movies, Tv, and games and they simply avoid thinking of their real feelings to deal with them. What these people do not realize is that social media posts can trigger the phase they might be going through and even increase the weight of the depression they might be experiencing.

The Vampires

You know when you are very exhausted but you just cannot bring yourself to sleep? That is a sign of depression. You sit on your bed or sofa and just search for motivation to do plenty of things yet to no avail. This is because deep behind your mind lingers very negative thoughts that do not allow productivity. Such people never catch any sleep for themselves. They never do. They sit in the dark feeling empty and numb.

The Procastinators

Sometimes, our own thoughts scars the hell out of us. It creeps us out so much that we fear venturing them. Such people procrastinate beyond logic or reason because they feel like completing tasks require too much energy that they cannot afford to give.

The “Shut Outs”

This set of people shut people out completely when they are depressed. You see them plugging in their headphones and listening to loud music all the time and they avoid any kind of communication all together.

Fixing Us!

The one thing that I love about life is, nothing lasts forever. Depression is a silent, slow killer. Getting yourself out of depression takes a lot of hard work and I’m happy to tell you that you can do that hard work to stay healthy and productive. If you find yourself in any kind of situation and you identify with either of the mentioned characteristics. You certainly do not have to be worried.

All you have to do to fix yourself is to start exhibiting characters directly different from what you used to exhibit. Visit your doctor if you have to or speak to a Therapist to help you navigate through the things you feel. Put your mind to it and you will find yourself in a better place than you were. Stay mentally strong, healthy, and free of depression!