Happy Holidays – Resolving Resolutions

There are many things to be thankful for and one of those things is seeing the end of a year. Like many of you, Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for me. Nothing takes away the joy and chills that the holidays bring. Meanwhile, most people have been through awful ordeals during the course of the year which will make it almost impossible for them to enjoy the coming season. Well, Santa’s little elf – Asiedua is here to make all your bad memories go away – hihi.

It is true that the beginning of a matter is important however, the end of it is even more necessary. As we end the year, what we have to keep in mind is that we can make changes in our lives even before a new dawn comes upon us. What a man puts his mind to, he achieves, for that reason, it is good that we finish the year working harder to achieve resolutions we previously made to satisfy our needs and desires.

Being hard on yourself for the mistakes you have made in the past or throughout the year inhibits your ability to move forward entirely. You survived a bad relationship, move on! they fired you at the job, begin a new search, you miscarried twice, book a new appointment with a specialist, your business ideas failed, well grab a pen a paper and light a candle cause you’re gonna think of a new idea. What exactly I’m trying to say here is, DO NOT GIVE UP YET!

People!, don’t you dare give up on yourselves. You cannot keep piling up unresolved resolutions. You need to make them happen and you need to start now. I know that finding the strength to go back to the things you worked so hard for but failed at is not easy but I can assure you that it is always worth the try. When I wake up in the morning and I feel the morning breeze, it always reminds me that new is coming, better is arriving. If you have closed a chapter you have begun without finishing it, you have to revisit it and work hard to finish it now.

If you try hard to gather your thoughts and reorganize your agenda before the year truly ends, you will have even more things to be grateful for and the holidays will be much better for you. Life can be crazy and hideous but it is in times like the Christmas holidays that we see the beauty of life. If I were you, I would allow myself to assimilate enough of life’s beauty during the holidays. Holding onto things of the past, like pain, anger, frustration, unforgiveness, confusion, and others will only rob you of the joy of Christmas and the holidays.

Before I continue, can I just apologize for not bringing you motivation and inspiration in a while? My own inspiration for writing mostly comes from pain and I’ve not dealt with pain in a while thankfully lol. While we maneuver the holidays, we must do well to allow ourselves to stay happy and jolly. The true spirit of Christmas is found in happiness.

As the bells jingle and the halls decked with boughs of holly, you have to take in all the love you can get and recharge for the new year. It would also be a good time to dream about the things you would want to birth in the new year. I for one believe the coming year is going to be so good to us and from what I know, whatever a person believes in works from them. Do not forget to spread the joy you feel with your friends and family.

As I part ways, I would urge you to try your best to stay on Santa’s good side because he is watching, literally. Hydrate more while the harmattan approaches, ask someone for their Christmas gift wish, and make it come true. Sow a seed of joy in someone’s heart, you would be doing God’s work. Happy Holidays.

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